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Cold Start Yogurt

Updated: Apr 26

When I was pregnant with my twins I bought this tiny yogurt maker and had big plans to make my own yogurt for them. I had no idea it was going to be such a long process to get 4 tiny little cups of yogurt. So, I donated that yogurt maker and just gave them store bought yogurt. Fast forward a few years and Pampered Chef introduced their version of the Instant Pot, a Quick Cooker (and later, the Deluxe Multi Cooker)! I learned I could make my own yogurt with just a few simple steps and even though it was a long process, it was almost all hands off! Did you know you need yogurt to make yogurt? I have learned so much over the years and this is one of the things that felt so complicated but is actually one of the easiest recipes you'll ever make, especially with the right tools. There are several ways you can make yogurt but I prefer the "Cold Start" Method which uses Ultra-Filtered Milk so you can skip the heating and cooling of the milk. This 1 simple step will reduce the hands on time so much. I use Fairlife brand milk & have used both whole and 2% milk to make this and they both turn out great. If you follow this Cold Start recipe, you'll spend less than 5 minutes getting this ready and then you can walk away and let the Deluxe Multi Cooker do the work.

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Marci Blood
Marci Blood
17 mag

But the recipe isn't good yogurt, it's for coffee. 😢

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